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Brain Implant Improves Memory

Posted by Rohan Kapoor on

Brain Implant Improves Memory

At the University of Southern California, a professor has unveiled a brain implant that can improve human memory and speculation has already begun on the major impact it could have. Professor Dong Song presented his findings to the Society of Neuroscience, and the data he presented showed the effectiveness of the device so far. 

Song enlisted 20 volunteers who have been receiving treatment for epilepsy. The devices collected data on the individuals who underwent several tests, and results showed that a 15% increase to short-term memory and a 25% increase to working memory. Professor Song and company understand what this device can mean for the medical world. With 20% of the United States population to be over the age 65 by 2030 and our increasing lifespan, more people will be affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. More testing and research needs to be done before this device can be approved, but this is a step in the right direction in being a life-changing solution. RUMJog continues to stay engaged with evolving news in the life extension space and will provide future updates.


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