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A new whitepaper on scaling digital labor is available


A collection of our thought leadership as it relates directly to business.

The rapid pace of technological innovations requires businesses to adapt in order to thrive. 

Our whitepapers provide an insight into what this new digital landscape looks like and how organizations can seize the opportunities this change presents to help their business grow.

Scaling Digital Labor

A look into technologies enabling the digital transformation of enterprise business processes, their implications at scale, and the end-to-end design thinking needed to get there.

RPA at Scale

RPA can be a quick and easy way to automate repetitive back-office business processes, but it does so "at the edge". This 2-pager explores the evolution of process automation and the shift from Edge to Core.

What is Digital Labor?

Digital Labor solutions have reached an inflection point in the market forcing us to relook at all aspects of the way we think about the way services in the marketplace are structured, organized, delivered, managed, and procured.

Automation Maturity Model 

Emerging trends in the area of Knowledge Worker Automation vary greatly in terms of both the type of automation and the resulting business impact of the automation.

The Polar Shift

Every 500,000 the Earth’s magnetic field reverses its polarity creating havoc in our planet’s biosphere, including mass extinctions. The reversal is called the Polar Shift, and this term as a business metaphor, has applicability in today’s business markets. 

Re-thinking the RFP

We are in the midst of rapid changes in the technology services industry. Many of these changes are disruptive to the current ecosystem and through this disruption, tremendous gains in cost, efficiencies, and outcomes are now possible.

Knowledge Worker Automation

The rate of Knowledge Worker automation through software and smart platforms is happening at a rate that will catch businesses off-guard. This paper will give the reader some insights on how to mitigate the risk and capitalize on the opportunity.

Service-as-Software (SaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) has transformed services supply chains by making processes more lean and streamlined. Service as Software (SaS) will completely eliminate labor at an even broader level and deliver true services without the need for human intervention.


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