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Automation is advancing and it is displacing 
knowledge workers at an accelerating rate. 

Digital Labor solutions have reached an inflection point in the market forcing us to relook at all aspects of the way we think about how services in the marketplace are structured, organized, delivered, managed, and procured. 

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What Is Digital Labor?

Digital Labor is a term meant to convey an ever increasing trend towards the use of automated software systems in the delivery of labor-based services in the global economy.  Software-based automation platforms are replacing the work done by skilled professionals at an accelerating rate. The proliferation of automation in the modern enterprise is disrupting legacy business models and requires a new way of managing digital workforces and services. As the adoption of Digital Labor increases, bots will be responsible for much of the work we consider standard, routine, and repetitive… and even some of the more advanced tasks involving intense analysis and adaptability.

At RUMJog, we lead research into Digital Labor technologies ranging from Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Computing and Intelligent Virtual Agents, Big Data Analytics, and other tools and methodologies. We help our clients understand the implications of these products as well as how they can invest in and deploy them within an enterprise to reduce cost, increase speed of delivery, and drive new business models entirely.

Digital labor platforms are designed to handle the heavy lifting that comes with routine data handling and system-to-system interactions, letting users get back to tasks requiring more advanced thinking.

Digital Labor displaces human middleware

Navigate screen after screen. Look up a certain field. Download the report. Validate new entries. Port data from one system to another. Reconcile this month's billing summary...

The daily tasks that keep the lights on are essential, of course, but are too often performed by humans. We are not meant to act as the middleware between disparate, unstandardized data sources and applications, but the work needs to get done. Luckily, the bots are here.

Reduce Costs
Compress Cycle Time
Eliminate Human Error

Our Digital Labor ASSESSMENT SERVICES give clients a comprehensive view of their current operations and an action plan that will allow them to drive their organization to new levels of cost and operational efficiencies.


Our IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES fill the gap between out of the box software and the application necessary to implement successfully at an organization.


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