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Automation Assessments

Going from an RPA pilot to an enterprise-ready digital workforce requires visibility into operations and the ability to scale. With our Automation Assessment services, we utilize various analytical tools and implementation expertise to help you understand where automation opportunities lie across your business, clearing the fog of war preventing you from seeing what a real digitized process looks like, end-to-end. 

The key to scalable automation is understanding process.

Starting an automation journey requires visibility into the opportunity at hand. By mapping and modeling end-to-end workflow, we shed light on throughput, bottlenecks, redundant tasks, and other inefficiencies. 

These insights allow for a data-driven approach to defining scope and moving towards process digitization at scale. In most cases, RPA alone cannot solve the problem, and requires deeper integrations with cognitive assistants, machine learning, analytics tools, and orchestration platforms to automate a process within today's complex IT ecosystems.  

Mapping the current state

A foundation to understand where the opportunities lie only comes from mapping real-world processes as they stand today.

  • SME Interviews
  • Process mapping/mining
  • Automation Feasibility Index
  • Maturity & Readiness Score

Reimagining a digitized process

Throwing bots at the problem doesn’t deliver a solution - by first reimagining how a digitized environment will differ ensures success.

  • Design thinking workshops
  • Future state operational map
  • Identification of pilot opportunities
  • Design & deployment planning

Build a Digital Labor Roadmap

Planning for scale should come sooner rather than later - most RPA projects fail to scale effectively due to poor initial deployment strategies.

  • Operating model design
  • Managing change
  • Investment strategy
  • Benefits realization plan

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