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Building an automation center of excellence from the ground up

The demand for advisory service providers to implement new technology has never been greater.  With the marketplace flooded with new shiny tools offering quick fixes and solutions for nearly every business problem, it's often easy to overlook how to re-organize the combination of people, process, and technology within a business for long-term success.

Following the successful implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for our client, a Medical Technology company, we turned our collective attention towards building an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) to properly evaluate, invest in, develop, deploy, and scale both RPA and future technology deployments. 

Up to 80%

Cost reduction


CYCle time reduction


error reduction


Key Criteria

Market Research

Strategy & Innovation

Continuous Improvement 

Opportunity Discovery

Development & Governance

Deployment & Operations

Change Management


We knew that in order to successfully deliver a robust CoE, technology could not be the only consideration.  Our initial assessment in partnership with our client allowed us to look at the bigger picture by defining the vision, whilst working through the intricate details to identify several key questions to answer in relation to People, Process, Data, and Technology.  

What roles, responsibilities, and skills are needed for a new CoE? What is the right operating model for effectively scaling RPA? How can I properly evaluate and pick the right automation tool or partner?   
Asking and ultimately answering these questions and many more paved the way for us to create seven Automation CoE Delivery Channels - areas of responsibilities with specific roles which would allow the Automation CoE Team to support Digital Transformation by owning, managing, and driving the adoption and improvement of Digital Labor solutions.


The work completed in the strategy and assessment phase, which included identifying tangible business benefits, set the guardrails for a successful implementation plan.  In the short-term, we identified three core metrics of success, holding ourselves accountable for delivering cost reduction, cycle time reduction, and error reduction.

Working with our client every step of the way, we also identified three core long-term benefits - a focus on value-added tasks, agility and responsiveness, and improved service quality.

Whilst we delivered on our project objectives, the most exciting deliverables are still to come.  A strong foundation has been built, creating an organizational structure which can capitalize on the value derived from new ideas, is agile enough to capture new revenue or absorb M&A activity, all with reduced operational delays and improved regulatory compliance. 

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