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Our client Becton Dickinson, one of the largest medical device companies in the world with annual revenues in excess of $16 billion, approached us with an ambitious Digital Agenda.

Burdened with legacy processes which were creating significant inefficiencies and resulting costs, they were seeking guidance on where to focus, and how to navigate and implement their vision globally.

To introduce cognitive capabilities into their IT environment, we co-designed and implemented Amelia, IPsoft’s Cognitive Virtual Agent, within BD’s IT Service Desk to streamline high volume requests and reduce IT’s backlog of service tickets. 


tickets in scope after 1 year of training


Instantly scalable and available


cycle time reduction for certain end user requests


A Cognitive Agent


A comprehensive Market Scan preceded an in depth review of the potential business applications of a wide range of software products.  The challenge was to find a smart, dynamic, and scalable business solution to improve process efficiency and optimize IT operations, which could be seamlessly rolled out globally and across multiple business functions.

The analysis phase highlighted several opportunities for applying Automation across the organization.     

A deep understanding of our client's vision and business needs helped us formulate and streamline a strong business case for some exciting solutions.  With Enterprise Scaling in mind, we knew that these solutions would have to help solve our clients legacy problems, but also continue to improve by utilizing the latest tools in Big Data and Analytics to ingest and make sense of the large amount of information generated within our client's organization, ultimately helping our client make significant progress towards meaningful digital transformation.   

Ultimately, in partnership with our client, RUMJog created a global strategy to implement a cognitive agent across their IT business functions. 


Once we had sourced our cognitive agent solution, RUMJog constructed a robust, clear, and executable Pilot Project Design in partnership with our client, including a plan for how the company should prepare and manage the resulting change from rolling out this business solution across multiple business areas and geographies. 

The deployment of our client's first ever digital employee continues to yield several significant benefits.

It has helped free up our client's vendor master team from routine vendor requests allowing them to focus on higher value activities.  The automation of manual efforts to analyze design inputs, gather relevant data from SAP, and update product labels has reduced the process from 5 Months to 4 Weeks for 8 Major Work Streams. Finally, deployment of this business solution within IT has also absorbed a high volume of queries, reducing the time and overhead associated with Service Desk requests while improving end users experience.

Most importantly, it has laid strong foundations for the development of our client's Digital Labor Roadmap, something RUMJog is currently helping to facilitate.    

Automation doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lavish amount of money on machines and robots. It merely means automating one or more work processes with the help of technology to reduce or completely eliminate human intervention.


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