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IT / BPO Sourcing

Reevaluating how to source labor, which tools to invest in, who to partner with, how to build a digital organization, and how to ensure a return on investment is achieved are more important than ever in today’s evolving landscape of technology.

We support our clients throughout the entire IT/BPO sourcing process, from Assessment, Proposal and Contracting to Transition.

Our experiences have also led us to believe that there are some inherent flaws with the traditional RFP process in the rapidly changing services environment.

Adaptive Sourcing

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What Is Adaptive Sourcing?

Adaptive Sourcing is a new approach to the procurement of services as it relates to Technology.

Unlike the traditional RFP, this approach makes some key assumptions:

The buyer does NOT know what they want

RFP competition will NOT yield the best deal There is no 'Normal' in a rapidly changing environment

At RUMJog Enterprises we recognize that the RFP is a useful tool - it is just not a universal tool.

There are times when a different tool is needed. It is our position that today’s rapidly changing technology services market requires a more sophisticated approach than the traditional RFP.

Ditch the RFP - and instead request for a solution. We work with clients to rethink sourcing for IT and Business process delivery, survey the market, quickly construct and enact new contractual partnerships, and transition to advanced business models.

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